Types of Photographers

Like most industries, photographers specialise in one type of photography or the other. So, there are different types of photographers offering various services. Here are the common types of photographers in the photography industry that you need to know.

Commercial Photographer

A commercial photographer specialises in taking images for books, adverts, catalogues, and so on. They can also be contracted to take pictures of landscapes, buildings, machinery, products, and so on.

Types of Photographers 1 - Types of Photographers

Fine Art Photographer

A fine art photographer specialises in taking photos of artistic nature. They can be contacted by individuals or organisations like art galleries, interior decorators, churches, banks, hotels, and so on to take these pictures for them or take the photos and advertise for buyers.

Freelance Photographer

Freelancing means not working directly for any establishment. A freelance photographer works by commission or contract. They make their schedules and choose the kind of work they want to do. They negotiate their terms with an employer or agree with the terms of a particular job. The jobs may not be steady, but they are not restricted in the kind of projects they can do.


A photojournalist, as the name implies, is a journalist that specialises in visual reporting of people and events. Photojournalists work for newspapers, journals, radio stations, magazines, or television stations. Photojournalists can be staff of media organisations or freelancers.

Studio/Portrait Photographer

A portrait/studio photographer takes photographs of people or individuals. They can do this in their studios or at events like weddings, religious or school ceremonies, fashion shows, political events, and so on.

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