Top New Zealand Photographers

New Zealand is the ideal location for photographers. From the landscape to wildlife to the people and more. Here are the top photographers from New Zealand.

Mark Emirali

Mark Emirali is a photographer that finds wonder in the landscapes, people, and places of New Zealand. He takes delight in photographing the West Coast of Auckland and its captivating coastline.

Mike Hollman

Mike Hollman specialises in taking shots of nature, wildlife, and landscapes. He also captures architecture and scenes from his many travels. With a career spanning over two decades, his work has been published in four books and several magazines.

Justin Aitken

Born in South Africa and lives in Auckland, New Zealand, Justin Aitken shoots a range of subject matter including portraits, weddings, and landscapes.

Adrian Barrett

Barrett takes his photographic inspiration from the details of nature and people. He also specialises in beautiful and artistic black and white photographs.

Jackie Ranken

Jackie Ranken specialises in landscape art. She enjoys shooting aerial views of her local area in addition to portraits.

Michel Perrin

Originally from France but has over the decade made New Zealand his home, Michel Perrin specialises in portraiture, commercial, and fine art, and is considered a master in the industry.

Top New Zealand Photographers 1 - Top New Zealand Photographers

Jane Trotter

Jane Trotter is an abstract photographer that creates works of minimalist art, which appear surreal and dreamlike in quality. She uses bright colours, bold shapes, and simple techniques to deliver works of great effect and incredible impact.

Craig Robertson

Craig Robertson specialises in industrial photography. His photographs are mature and clear but retain a playful quality. His collection includes portraits, fine art, and natural landscape images.

New Zealand is the land of talented photographers and these are some of the top ones.