Basic Photographer’s Equipment

Every profession has its working tools and photography is not an exception. As a photographer, here are some basic items that you need to function very well.

Camera Bag

Every photographer needs a camera bag. It is your trademark as a photographer. You can get a camera bag with padded interiors and rain flaps, or a backpack for easy movement from place to place.

Basic Photographers Equipment 1 - Basic Photographer's Equipment

Camera Straps

There is no professional camera without a neck strap that comes with it. The neck straps hold and balance the camera when the photographer is working.

Basic Photographers Equipment 2 - Basic Photographer's Equipment

Memory Card Wallets

A memory card wallet is used to store memory cards for easy identification and inventory. Also, memory card wallets are necessary for holding memory cards because they are small and delicate.

Basic Photographers Equipment 3 - Basic Photographer's Equipment

Cleaning Kits

Cleaning kits are necessary for the care and longevity of photography equipment. If you are a photographer, then you should be cleaning the lenses of your camera with a cleaning kit.

External Hard Drive

An external hard drive helps a photographer to transfer large folders, back-up image catalogues, or make more room on their computer. If you are a professional photographer, then you need this equipment.

Basic Photographers Equipment 4 - Basic Photographer's Equipment


Even though a camera is best held by hand for a perfect shot, to get the best of certain kinds of shots, a tripod is necessary to safely stabilise a camera.

Memory Card Reader

One of the best inventions of modern photography is the memory card reader. As a photographer, you will always need to quickly and efficiently get your digital images uploaded to a computer to edit and enhance and then store them till needed.

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