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Photography is the art and practice of capturing light with a camera. It’s the use of either a digital sensor or film to create an image. You can even photograph wavelengths of light invisible to the human eye, including UV, infrared, and radio.

Joseph Nicéphore Niépce of France was the first person to take a permanent photograph in 1826. Since then, photography has taken different dimensions giving rise to industries, careers, professions, businesses as well as being the forerunner to some technological inventions that have to do with image capturing.

A photographer is a person that captures images using a camera and editing photos to suit a particular purpose. Photographers provide a wide variety of photographic services depending on their expertise, such as portraits, event photography such as weddings, magazine covers, landscapes, medical data, or for journalist events.

The invention of some digital equipment has made it possible for photography to become an easier task. A photographer can use equipment like computers, editing software, and high-quality printers to edit, crop, enhance, or modify an image.

A photographer can also test the best lighting (natural and artificial) when taking photographs and enhance the images through colour correction or other special effects.

Since the invention of the camera phone, anyone can take pictures these days. However, it takes a photographer who has expertise with digital cameras and photo editing software to produce artistic photographs whether they shoot weddings, portraits, or breaking news stories.

Because of the flexibility of the photography profession, most photographers like working independently. They take photographs and sell them to the people that need the photos for whatever purposes.

This blog is about photographers and their services, wedding and portrait photography, and commercial photography. If you have questions, suggestions, and inquiries about us, then check out our contact page.